Corporate & Wholesale


Our gift sets are especially designed with the corporate client in mind. We offer many custom options to our corporate clients, to ensure that the gift you are sending is a reflection of the professional image you work hard to represent.


Corporate gifting options:

  • Custom branding of your companies logo on the gift box (a one time set up fee applies).

             corporategiftbox  closeupbrandedbox

  • Have your logo printed on the gift message card (no extra fee).
  • The ability to add any branded item of your choice that you send to us i.e. company mug, hat....
  • Include branded items that we supply i.e. branded cookies....

To learn more or discuss your corporate gifting options please email us at

We also offer a 10% discount on all gift sets for corporate account holders.



Corporate Case Study

Cross River Bank


As a growing institution, Cross River Bank saw the need for a supply of  high quality baby gifts.  Cross River Bank values its’ employees, clients and associates and wanted a branded product  with high quality items that would reflect its’ values and standards.


We decided on a branded onesie with accessories to match.  They also wanted the gift box to be custom branded to promote their brand and professionalism.  We went with a custom embroidery on the onesie as apposed to screen printing to ensure high quality. We hit a snag in the production when  we realized that the onesies we had ordered did not take well to the embroidery  and were just  not up to our high standards. We halted the entire production and reordered and re-embroidered  all the onesies.  The finished product was a beautiful gift box with coordinating high quality items in the white and grey/silver family. We finished each box off with a linen calligraphy tag  with a congratulatory message.









We are now offering a selection of our gift boxes for wholesale. Please reach out to us at .