About us

About Us
We love babies as much as you do! We love anything that has to do with babies too. As parents ourselves, we have used many baby products that are out there, and strive to bring you the very best products that have been tried and tested in real life! These are products that we have used ourselves throughout our 19 years of new parent hood, (did I mention that we are parents of a bunch?), or wish that we could have had.
Our Business plan
Are you familiar with the quote "Together is better"? Well, at The Baby Gift Box, that is our belief. Just like babies and hugs, hot cocoa and marshmallows complement each other and make for a powerful experience, we believe that putting awesome,brand-name products together, is what makes a fabulous baby gift!
At The Baby Gift Box, our professional team has researched every brand-name baby product on the market, and chosen the ones that we feel meet the criteria of safety, usefulness, quality, popularity and price. Each item will improve the quality of life with a newborn and bring joy to those glorious (sleep deprived!) first months. 
Besides for having great products, our team has bundled the products into stunning gift sets, wrapped in breathtaking gift wrap and boxes, eliminating the need for the buyer doing that themselves.
So why buy a Baby Gift Box?
1. "Together is better"! The power of a gift containing not one, but multiple brand- name, quality items will impress your gift recipient.
2. Our gift wrap is a cut above, with stunning boxes, ribbon, fresh greenery, hang tags and our signature teddy bear topper!
3. We print your personalized gift message on a  beautiful gift card, so that the recipient gets your personal best wishes and greetings.
4. (This is really #1!) Our customer service is our top priority! If there is something you need, whether more info, a personalized touch, having trouble with ordering one of our products, please reach out to our team here.
The Baby Gift Box is a family owned, New Jersey based business.